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At SliceOfStake, our mission is to contribute to the decentralized financed movement by providing reliable and low-cost staking options across blockchain projects, which allow crypto HODLers around the world to BYOB(Be Your Own Bank) and compound that interest:

Below is a quick video on proof of stake mining with Cardano in 2021.


Crypto, Proof of Stake, and Why Cardano?

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“Crypto” is a digital or virtual currency where coins are exchanged and stored on a computerized ledger system. Strong cryptography is used to secure and verify coin ownership. A truly amazing technology that allows for 3rd partyless transactions of value to anywhere with an internet connection. Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy in terms of develop and has much more room to grow. Think about the internet in the 90s!

Monitoring Software A Watchdog Protecting

Cryptocurrencies can either be Proof of Work or a Proof of Stake. The first crypto, Bitcoin, is a proof of work coin. Proof of Stake currencies are a newer generation of crypto that is more efficient than traditional proof of work coins. It also allows for the average user to reap the benefits of mining through “Staking” their currency. Essentially, accruing interest after minting blocks on an epoch(every 5 days). Averaging 5% or more compounding ADA a year. Much better than a savings account!

Visualize plug-and-play users

Cardano is just the start! We want to be involved in creating staking options and becoming validators for many of the popular coins on the market. We have taken particular interest in Cardano because their development team holds the belief that there will not be one coin to rule them all in the future while also maintaining a top 5 market capitalization in the crypto market. Cardano aims to be a currency but also a system and platform for entire continents. Currently, the Cardano team is getting their feet wet in Africa. With ideas of having a blockchain be the infrastructure for entire societies could be absolutely mindblowing in terms of value. Just think about BILLIONS of people transacting on one system each and every day!

How To Stake

  • Download a reliable wallet from Daedalus or Yoroi
  • Create a new wallet and follow instructions on
  • Make sure to write down your seed phrase and keep it somewhere safe and offline!

Step 1

  • Purchase Cardano from an exchange ie. Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, etc
  • Send ADA from your exchange to your wallet

Step 2

  • Delegate your wallet to SLICE
  • Start compounding interest and enjoy making passive income

Step 3


To start Staking, download your wallet at daedaluswallet.io for your computer


Check out Yoroi wallet for mobile devices

Find out more about Cardano by checking the official website

The Cardano community is amazing. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask

Our Setup


99.99% uptime

24/7 proactive monitoring

4 Machines

1 Block Producer

2 Relay Nodes

1 Air Gapped Machine


Hosted privately

Military grade verification

Uses encrypted storage


Future block chain projects on the way

Meet Our Team

Three SoCal guys

Samuel Kim

Website and pool creator

Brent Smith


Tyler Duong

Hardware and verification

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments